yesterday we lost a tree

yesterday we lost a tree




Just to start out…we moved in this neighborhood primarily for the trees. We love being outside with Maddie and walking to the park. The trees surrounding our house are what sold the house! Don’t get me wrong, we had a vision with this house and it is feeling like home. We started with 2 very large trees in the front and 1 very, very large tree in the backyard.

Yesterday, Jesse walked outside to get the mail. The mail hadn’t arrived so he turned around to walk up our walkway. As he was going towards the door he saw leaves blowing really hard and watched our 45 foot tree fall into our yard and out into the street. Luckily, Jesse was not standing at the mailbox when the tree decided to fall or Jesse would be injured and as you all know we have had enough injuries. We are sad to lose the tree, but we will just plant another!

The funny thing is that all of our neighbors thought that we had chosen to cut down the tree into the street. I am sure they were all thinking that here these young people move in, remodel their house, and oh decide to take out our large, old trees. We thought about putting out a sign that said “we are mourning over the loss of our tree” just to make it very clear we did not cut it down.

The story gets better….our older asian neighbor came home to see the tree across our front yard and into the street also thinking that we had cut down “her” tree. Now, this tree is on our property, but for some reason she thinks it is her tree. If you have heard our mowing story about her you understand how we were feeling yesterday. We decided to not discuss with her at this point that this tree was in fact ours. Her and her older brother helped us clean up this massive tree. Despite the huge language barrier, Jesse was able to have the guy help him do some of the work. We are now waiting for the city of Richardson to come get it off of our grass. What a Thursday! We were planning on redoing the flowerbed that the tree took out anyway so we weren’t too mad about the whole thing. What an adventure it is owning a home!!

Picture below: tree cut up



City of Richardson picking up the tree:


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