We are expecting!!

We are expecting!!

On the morning of January 23rd we found out we were pregnant! Jesse and I are so thrilled and can not wait for the new adventure of parenting. We were a bit surprised to be pregnant so soon, but are so excited. We feel so lucky for God to have blessed us with a little baby.

Baby Lyon is due on September 20th(10 days from our 3 year anniversary). It will be nice to not have to work this summer and just relax. Doctor’s orders are to lay in a pool all summer to keep cool….I think I can manage:) At this point in time, we are 13 1/2 weeks along. We have been able to see the baby 2 times and hear the heart beat 3 times. At our first doctor’s appt. at 7 weeks, Jesse and I were excited to see if our positive pregnancy test was for real! While waiting on the sonographer to find the baby, Jesse and I were completely silent with our eyes wide open. It is the most undescribable moment when this little thing pops on the screen to make its first debut. It was by far the most surreal moment I have ever experienced. We were a bit relieved to hear that we only had one baby inside. The heart beat was 175, we saw the beautiful spinal cord, and the turtle-like body:) After this appt., we told family about their new little one….it was most fun telling my parents since this will be their first grandchild!

We had our next appt. at 12 weeks. We heard the heart beat again at 172. I was measured at 13 cm from pubic bone to belly button (right where we should be at 13 weeks). I really don’t have much belly to show right now. Jesse and I notice more than anyone else. All my clothes are fitting at this point in time, jeans are the best thing to me since they are low-rise. I am looking forward to warmer weather where sun dresses are the staple clothing item!

This week we went to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor for some testing to make sure the baby is healthy. A plus to this doctor visit at 13 weeks, was that we might be able to know the sex of our baby at an early stage. Because of her 3-D sonogram machine, the doctor was able to tell what the sex was and write it in a card for us to open that night. I spent the entire day keeping busy! We opened the turquoise and pink cards at dinner to find out……IT’S A BOY!!!!! Jesse has said it was a boy from day 1. I on the other hand was guessing a girl. We are both looking forward to raising a boy.  I am a bit nervous about what to do with a boy, but I can’t wait! Both of my very best friends will have boys a tad bit older than ours. Catherine’s baby, Cal, will be 10 months and Katie’s baby, Knox, will be 5 months. Our baby will also be close to my cousin’s baby, Reagan. She will be 2 months old. Baby Lyon will be surrounded by little friends! We are so thankful for all God has blessed us with and are looking forward to this new adventure!

Baby Lyon at 13 Weeks…

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  1. I am so freakin excited for baby Lyon!!! Yall are going to be great parents.
    Brookie and Bob

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