27 weeks and he is GROWING:)

27 weeks and he is GROWING:)

Today, Jesse and I had to go see the Maternal and Fetal Medicine doctor to check on Beck after our hospital visit last week.  One thing is for sure…he is growing! Today he was measuring 29 weeks. The doctor said this wouldn’t change our due date, thank goodness! He was weighing in at 2lbs. 12oz, a little ahead of the game. His head is measuring a little ahead of schedule as well, but she said not to worry that he wouldn’t come out with some huge head. She also said he is long and skinny at this point in time and we could expect for him to be close to 8 lbs when he arrives.  (Jesse said tall is good so he can become a pro athlete and support his mom and dad later on!)

 Beck was acting a little shy today which definitely hasn’t been a problem in the past. I guess since his Mimi and Pods (my parents) came to sneak a peak he thought he would be on his best behavior. He was head down the entire time with his face facing to my right side. He let us get a profile picture, but he kept shielding his face with his arm. I think we interrupted his nap time. We have found that he loves sticking out his lips and playing with his tongue.  His heartbeat was around 140 bpm.

We were so excited just to be able to see him moving around and looking/sounding healthy! We don’t get another sneak peak until August 30th and then he will arrive in September. Now if we can get him to slow down on his growing so he doesn’t come early or get too huge, his momma will be very pleased (j/k) ! 

Jesse and I are so blessed to be carrying a healthy baby. We ask for your prayers to keep him on the right track until he is full term.

I will post a belly pic and Beck’s pic as soon as I get a chance! Hope everyone is enjoying the heat:)


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  1. Beck…you’re such a good boy! Keep growing so you can come play with Knox soon!

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