Beck’s first visit to Labor and Delivery-26 weeks

Beck’s first visit to Labor and Delivery-26 weeks

Let’s just start by saying that I have had probably one of the easiest pregnancies. I haven’t been sick, just a tad bit uncomfortable. Jesse was traveling for work on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week. I ran errands, cleaned, and ate dinner with my family. Everything was fine. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a terrible stomach ache and serious heartburn. 30 minutes later I was throwing up and the stomach cramps got worse. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Around lunch, I finally called the doctor to see if I could take something for this stomach virus. Instead of meds….she sent me to labor and delivery. My immediate reaction was ofcourse the day Jesse is in New Mexico! My parents took me to the hospital where I was admitted (that just sounds expensive!). I had a wonderful nurse, Lauren, whom I asked if she could just arrange to deliver my baby. She said of course as long as I showed up during the day on certain days of the week! Chances look slim!

So, they ran some tests to make sure that I was going to deliver in the next 2 weeks. This test came out negative. They also did some blood work and hooked me up to an IV to get some fluids.

To make sure that I wasn’t having contractions, they hooked me up to the belly monitors. One monitored Beck’s heartbeat and the other monitored any contractions I might have been having. Beck did not like the monitors and kept kicking them. I think he was just letting us know he was fine! My parents, despite me not feeling well, were thrilled to hear his heartbeat for the first time.

My doctor came to check on me (again, sounds expensive!) and let me know that if I wanted to stay overnight I could, or as long as  I followed a certain diet for the next couple of days, I could go home.  I opted to go home because Jesse was flying in at 8:30 and I was looking forward to him taking care of me. I am sure when I called him earlier in the day he was freaking out and was also looking forward to coming home.

As we were getting in the car, Jesse called and said that he had missed his flight and couldn’t get home until the next day at 2:00…..seriously!!!!! I was so upset! But…my parents took me to get my stuff and Maddie to spend the night at their house. Mom of course went to get me all the stuff I was supposed to be eating and took care of me! I was relieved to actually be able to sleep that night.

And the final end to the long 2 days…..Catherine and Cal (5 months old) came to my parents house to give me Cal kisses. She brought Jesse and I dinner, flowers, and sport rattles for Beck! It was so nice to see them and get some extra love:) So Jesse is back now and we are doing fine. I am just resting and sticking to a very simple diet with lots of fluids.

Beck had an interesting first visit to Labor and delivery and I believe that he kicked and kicked to let us know that this was only a visit and he did not want to come out yet! Thanks goodness! We are going to visit Dr. Koster, the specialist, on Tuesday to get a look at him.  My doctor said we should see him after an incident like this, and we hadn’t seen him since the first week in May.  We are looking forward to Tuesday! We will post picks next week of Beck at 27 weeks!


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