Third Trimester

Third Trimester

We have officially reached our 3rd trimester! I can’t believe the first two flew by. I had my 28 week checkup today. Beck’s heartbeat was 150 bpm. We didn’t quite get around to my belly measurement because the doctor was in shock that when I am standing you can’t really see the true size of Beck. I laid back today for her to measure my belly and she couldn’t believe how much bigger my belly got while laying down. She said that I wasn’t fat…thank goodness:) I was just ALL BABY! She reminded Beck that he was going to have to get out of there somehow.

We are on the downhill side of things now. We start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now and in September, every week. We are also going back to the specialist in 5 weeks to check up on him from after being in the hospital and our last sonogram. They are watching the fluid around his kidneys. Most likely the first time he pees after he is delivered, the fluid will disappear. Other than that, Beck is growing and kicking just like he should. Our other baby has had a rough week this week. Maddie was chasing squirrels across the street and she broke her dew claw far down near her skin. We had to take her to the vet and have her sedated so that they could clip it off. She has a cute blue cast and is doing much better:) It was a good excuse for me to lay around all day yesterday with her to make sure she didn’t try to take the cast off. She is already looking forward to the next squirrel hunt:)

I also had my first baby shower this past weekend. I will do a separate post on that:)

Elizabeth 34 weeks, Lorie 27 weeks, Brooke 13 weeks ( My grandmother is going to have lots of babies running around her house!)

Maddie with her hurt paw:(

More to come later….


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