Baby Beck gets Showered with love and gifts!

Baby Beck gets Showered with love and gifts!

A couple of weeks ago, I know¬†I am behind on blogging, my Aunt Julie, my sister in law Angee, my cousin Brooke, and my best friend Katie threw me a beautiful shower! Everything was perfect and so many of my family members and greatest friends were able to come to celebrat Mr. Beck. I didn’t take very many pictures on my personal camera, so all the cute ones are on Shutterfly that Katie took. Here a few though….

Beck got so many great things and we are so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family. Since Beck’s room is not finished all of his things have been sitting in our living room. Jesse brought a co-worker by and he asked if we were moving because there were so many boxes! We are making progress on the nursery and are slowly able to put his stuff away in his room. I will post updates on the nursery this week!


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