BTL @ 32 weeks

BTL @ 32 weeks

Yesterday, we had our last appointment with the specialist. She updated us on the fluid around Beck’s kidneys. The fluid is now within the range they are looking for due to his size now. She also updated us on the how he is growing!

Week 32: he measures at week 34

Weight: 5 lbs 2 oz

Size: they say right now he is in the 90th percentile for his size

Feet: big feet

Position: head down (he has been this way for 5 weeks now, so he might not move)

He was being very shy and sleepy yesterday. Most of the time he had his hand across his eyes and face. We did manage to get one shot of him looking straight at us. You can see his eyes (not so alien-like anymore), nose, mouth and chubby little cheeks!

We have one more sonogram in about three and 1/2¬†weeks at 36 weeks. They are estimating him to be around 8 lbs. I go to my regular doctor tomorrow and we can add some more info after her appt. We are getting everything ready for him to arrive just in case he wants to come a little sooner than planned:) Stay tuned….


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