34 weeks, 6 left if we make it that far:)

34 weeks, 6 left if we make it that far:)

I don’t have much to update on these days. I am trying to stay positive about laying around. Jesse and I go to the doctor this Friday for a sonogram and doctor appt. We are looking forward to seeing baby Beck and hearing what the doctor has to say. At the last appt. she said we would just take it a week at a time. Things for work are getting all settled in case I can’t return. My anxiety about work is dropping which is huge! Everything will get done and I have a great substitute that will take my place when I have to leave. I did find out today that the daycare I was loving doesn’t have any openings until late January now:(  We have had to move our daycare date up since he will probably be here early. I admit to procrastinating about signing up, but we have had a lot going on here and daycare didn’t seem to be the top priority….I guess it should have been. I have been looking at alternative places today and hoping we can find something we love for Beck.  I just think God has wanted me to work a little harder on getting everything ready for this little guy. Our nursery took forever to complete, bedrest, and now the daycare fiasco. Nothing has been easy. I will just be so thankful when he arrives here and we can see his little face! All the hard work will have paid off! Until then….I have lots to figure out.

We did finally get our glider and crib all set up in the nursery and it is really starting to look like a great home for Beck. We are one step closer to being ready for him:) I think I just have some silly stuff to buy like butt paste, breast feeding attachments and all the stuff that you need but that is not that fun to buy.

Please pray that Baby Beck will continue to be healthy and stay in his little home until he is full term. We are so thankful for all the support family and friends have given us during the last couple of weeks!

Stay tuned for the next post of the nursery in progress….


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