7 weeks to go!

7 weeks to go!

Ok, so I am on bed rest and I am a little bored. I can’t help but think that I have 7 weeks left until our due date (if we make it that far) and I have millions of things to do! HR doesn’t want to talk to you until you are one month away from giving birth and give you the roundabout whenever you ask questions….so frustrating!

Our 33 week appt./check-up is this Wednesday and I am super anxious. If I have to continue to stay on  bed rest  for the long haul, then it sounds like my Family Leave Act time begins that first day back to work on the 16th. This means less time with the baby if he stays inside closer to our due date.  AHHH! This is not how I planned things, I am a planner and I am pregnant…not a good combo! The HR lady keeps telling me I shouldn’t worry about the what-ifs, has she never been pregnant???

So now I have probably made you laugh at least once and probably bored you more times than that. Beck and I are resting. I am finding it harder and harder to catch my breath. I checked my blood pressure at the store today and it was still elevated. I am now going to the doctor tomorrow (tuesday) instead of Wed. Please keep us in your thoughts. The good news is all my blood work came back completely normal; however, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to be on bed rest…we will see! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

One exciting thing about this week…we get our crib and our chair has been delivered to the store and is ready to pick up:) Pictures of the nursery to come soon! We are making serious progress this week….hopefully it isn’t a sign that he is coming soon!:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful work week!


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