Month 6 has come and gone!

Month 6 has come and gone!

Beck just had his 6 month shots a few days ago. He took them like a champ, 2 in his thigh and one oral. He weighed in at 20.5 lbs (80%) and his height is 29.5 inches (96%). He is eating baby food and seriously loves to eat! So far we have tried sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and squash. This week we just introduced fruits mixed in with his cereal and he thinks they are yummy too! He has one meal at school and one when we get home in the afternoon.

I am pretty sure this has been our favorite month so far. We can really start to see Beck’s personality shining through.


can sit up by himself

thinks everything is funny

is getting his daddy’s blonde hair, it is just coming in slowly

has blue eyes:) they are going to break some hearts!

loves to paint at school

loves to stand on our laps

thinks the Bob stroller is fantastic

loves to pet Maddie

still crashes when we get home from school in the living room

loves to sleep through our dinners out (not for much longer, doc says in the next 6 weeks we should switch his carseat, boo!)

is teething, some days worse than others. His bottom 2 teeth are close to coming through.

holds the book when you read it to him and after he is done reading then he eats it (his school says he is the only one that will “read” the book)

loves when dad gets home from being out of town, not just saying this, he really starts talking to Jesse

lights up our day, every single day!

I am thinking that 7 months sounds old. When we made our 9 month appt. I was shocked that is was coming up so fast. We are about to start baby proofing. We just love this stage and love everything he is doing right now. He never cries and just loves life, his family and school! So blessed.

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