11 months

11 months

What a sweet, sweet boy we have! He is growing up and learning so much, so quickly!


*army crawls (he is quick)

*sits up on his knees and looks like a big boy

*pulls up and is pretty close to standing on his own

*has 2 teeth

*wears 12-18 and 18-24 in shorts and 2T in some shirts

*loves anything with wheels

*thinks it is funny to watch us drive now that he faces forward in the carseat

*had his first week stay at Mimi and Pods house

*will still go to just about anyone, sometimes turns to see if mom is still there though

*loves to hug his friends at school

*gives his family BIG hugs and laughs while doing it

*kisses us with his mouth open

*attempting to eat finger foods—doesn’t like textures, so this is making the process a little harder

*loves cheerios, whole wheat waffles, puffs (they sometimes save the day!), chicken, rice, carrots, pizza (pizza Fridays at school), we are working on the fruit-baby food is our main source of fruit and some veggies these days

*drinks water from a sippy cup and we are attempting milk

*sleeps with his blanket and lovie

*loves his “da”-Maddie dog. He follows her around the house.

*lights up our lives with his smile and sweet nature.

I am preparing myself to accept the fact that he is going to be 1 soon! I just love him to pieces. He makes us all feel so loved. I hope that the world continues to make him smile:)

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