34 weeks and crossing our fingers

34 weeks and crossing our fingers

Chance Update:

Heartbeat: 147 bpm

Weight: 4lbs 13 oz (Beck was weighing 6lbs and 2 weeks ahead of me at this point!!)

He is exactly at 34 weeks right along with me.

New date to make it to….December 31st, or 38 weeks. This is our goal, if we can make it that far.

Praying that my blood pressure stays low on bedrest.  We would love to stay out of the hospital and NICU over Christmas:)

My doctor recommended that we start coming to our appointments with our bags in the car. So, you can guess what my daily up and about is all about. I have been making sure all is ready for the little guy to come home. I have also been trying to shop online for all Christmas presents in hopes that I can be prepared for Christmas whether I am home or not.

Beck’s latest quote about Chance..”he needs to stay in there.” This was his answer when I asked if he was ready for C to come out o play with him.

Beck has been so super sweet and gentle with his mommy these days. I am just eating it up!

So, this is our latest news. We visit the specialist again on Monday to check C’s belly measurements since it is still a little bit behind. Then, we go Tuesday am to check in with the doc. More to come next week!


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